Merry Dancers

The labyrinths of streets are a mixture of town halls, 19th-century wooden houses, Soviet concrete buildings and modern elegant skyscrapers. Between the picturesque coast of Tallinn Bay and the Old Town – this is where North Tallinn, the bohemian neighbourhood of Kalamaja, has taken shelter. This part of the city, once a fishing village, today attracts artists, designers, art dealers and anyone looking for a non-trivial pastime. Kadriorg Park is home to the stunning Kumu Art Museum. This is the place to satisfy any aesthetic hunger for both classical and contemporary art. There is also an unusual place in the city where, if desired, it is possible to go back to the Soviet past, to 1980, in a time-machine. The abandoned ziggurat of Tallinn City Hall building, as a mysterious silhouette, descends to the bay, revealing terraces with a circular overlook.

As the sun goes down, Tallinn is being born anew. So, having climbed to the Kohtuotsa Viewing Point, you involuntarily realize that the time of the Northern Lights has just begun. 


Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Photography: Aleksei Klimov, Eugene Cherkas
Year: 2019

Carpenter’s Workshop by Koko architects | Atelier Prototipi
Squareof dolls. Art work by Jass Kaselaan | Atelier Prototipi
Talking Heads. Installation of Villu Jaanisoo | Atelier Prototipi
Explore Space. Museum of Estonian Architecture | Atelier Prototipi
Doomsday. Installation by Edith Karlson | Atelier Prototipi
Lenin. Painting by Ilmar Malin | Atelier Prototipi
Rotermanni area | Atelier Prototipi
Rotermanni area | Atelier Prototipi
Rotermanni area | Atelier Prototipi
Modern architecture of Tallin | Atelier Prototipi
The Thong of Dionysus. Mary Reid Kelley & Patrick Kelley | Atelier Prototipi