When it comes to enjoying life at a leisurely pace, Italians are undoubtedly the best. Thanks to the porous, mineral rich soil and the proximity to the sea, the region of Puglia never ceases to amaze us. The most delicious Italian products such as homemade mozzarella, burrata and fatty green figs with aromatic coffee, and icy turquoise limoncella for breakfast help awaken our senses. There is not a single thing on the dining table that is not traditional: long stems of velvet red tomatoes, bunches of herbs dusted with salt from the air, artichokes, sheep, goat and cow cheeses, shellfish, shrimp, octopus flavored with chili and saffron, impeccable wine and aromatic olive oil. For a light dinner, sweet peppers are served like pudding.

Puglia is a really enjoyable place, where days can drift lazily into weeks, months and even years.


Location: Puglia, Italy
Photography: Aleksey Klimov, Eugene Cherkas
Year: 2019