Caramel Blue

Sometimes it takes just a breath of fresh air to light up a new space. Over the years of experience, we realized that the architectural solutions that had achieved emotional response dramatically changed the lives of open and light-hearted house owners. In the course of our conversations, we were translating their precious memories of travels into a separate language of color, which was further embodied into the interior design. The climatic conditions of the region played an important role in the concept design: delicate warm shades recall the memories of endless sunny-sea days as opposed to prevailing hazy weather. This is not an attempt to escape from reality, but a sincere desire to make a house comfortable and welcome.


Location: Minsk, Belarus
Total area: 110 sq.m.
Models: Anastasia Karasyova, Inna Tupichina
Photography: Andrey Dubinin
Year: 2019