Spicy Chiaroscuro

Every piece of this land, burnt rock surfaces, foamy waves reaching the coastlines, architectural constructions are united into one inseparable landscape, as if it had initially appeared as a whole. Thus, a new story was born, a story of another immersion into an uncharted land, which, with its multi-layered culture and mysterious nature, is still comparable to a projection of alternative reality.

The interior is formed by an internal labyrinth echoing the arrangement of the old Oriental city center, the Medina, which is the initial point from which numerous cities sprawled. The round openings, high arched portals and elements are inspired by the outlines of the legendary tower house belonging to the Catalan artist Javier Corbero. Throughout the day, there is a continuous play of sunlight, creating magical reflections and shadows. The architectural oasis merges with the street, turning into a network of passages that hide mysterious silhouettes and images.

A road trip to the South of Morocco: Desert meets Ocean


Client: Vodniy, Tea bar & shop
Location: 7 Golovinskoye highway, Moscow
Total area: 165 sq.m.
Photography: Alexandra Kononchenko
Year: 2021