Visual Symphony

The apartment of the cramped prolate form is turned into the harmonious design of the interior appearance with bright details. Despite the small sizes, there is split into common and private space. Double-sided window orientation allowed maximum use of natural light thereby all the objects of the apartment were enriched with vivid deep colors. When the door of the bedroom is open, all the space is filled with the day light coming out of two big opposite windows. Contrast and color as the main elements of new interior appearance just help unify the existing decisions with new interior details.

Graphic idea – accentuation of the long wall in the living room with dark wall papers with geometric print – came on spot as a wish to distance visually the wall from the entrance. Kitchen is compact enough keeping its optimal functions. Highlighted with vibrant color it acquired the deepness of comprehension enriching this small space. Bedside tables have unusual solution, they are made of the mirror jewelry boxes stalled on each other. When light falls on them you can see magic play of the flecks reflections.


Location: Minsk, Belarus
Total area: 58 sq.m.
Photography: Andrey Dubinin
Year: 2017