Sculptural Quietude

Beautiful honey-coloured stone buildings, Baroque statues, domes and spires, narrow winding streets of Old Town... there is no other place but Vallette where the city heart is found. Pastel shades of pink, terracotta red, and peachy-pink transform the city into a vibrant theater scene. Gigantic limestone plates shine golden in fading light filling the environment with Medieval atmosphere and coziness.

Here in Malta, you can savour both a good life and delicious cuisine.


Location: Malta, Gozo
Photography: Aleksey Klimov, Eugene Cherkas
Year: 2019

Ta Passi fields. Ghajnsielem | Atelier Prototipi
Bronze statues of tritons. Triton Fountain | Atelier Prototipi
Lanscape of Gozo island | Atelier Prototipi
Parliament House of Malta | Atelier Prototipi
The Cittadella of Victoria. Gozo island | Atelier Prototipi
Lazzaretto of Manoel Island | Atelier Prototipi
Pristine Paradise installation at Valetta Contemp| Atelier Prototipiorary